lunes, 17 de febrero de 2014

Severe drought in Brazil

At least 142 municipalities in 11 states in Brazil with a total of over 6 million people suffer water shortages due to the worst drought in years. In São Paulo even heavy rains have been able to alter the situation.

The severe drought in Brazil led the aquifers in nearly half the states lack of water, making the water companies cut the liquid element, according to information from the local environment Folha de S. Paulo. Some locations receive water only for a few hours once every three days.

In about 47 municipalities the situation is even worse because the people have no water supply. The situation remains very serious in the metropolitan region of São Paulo, despite the heavy rains that caused even a flood. The amount of stored water is less than 20%, ie, the situation is considered extreme.

The main causes are heat and lack of rain: in 2013 the least amount of rainfall was recorded since 1930, when the measurement began, according to data from the utility Sabesp water. The lack of rainfall in 2014 and has also broken the record of 84.

Side effects of drought is the risk of spread of diseases like dengue, because people begin to store water in containers that can be played several insect carriers of this infection.

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