domingo, 23 de febrero de 2014

A River is just the fleeting joy and lost again

River played poorly in Santa Fe, he gave much back and dreamed of tying the discount Cavenaghi. Teo came in the ST, in the end the team was very open and Graziani settled the match. Columbus won 3-1 and leads.

This is River. Is this River? Defenses low, very low, with a defense of three guys that did not help system armed in general. Right, because when no team everything becomes more difficult, and more for the younger they have to adapt to First. But Ramon decided to youth despite the line of three defenders and no return, from beginning to end, from the first goal scorer at the end of Graziani, who pushed the ball into the goalmouth, and matches papi with the team nearly defeated. And that victory and tournament debut was far behind, far away, like the super classics in which he played with a knife between his teeth. One more defeat on Wednesday Godoy Cruz and now Columbus.

Argentina's crazy, of course football. While flattered River at startup, Columbus suffered despite the new DT and today everything is upside down, because the Sabalero climbed to the tip with San Lorenzo and Students. Ramon is the worst for not finding the line of play, the team still does not appear that the two losses were not the result of chance. At halftime groped, strong, pulling Matt Gutierrez and Gio putting, but anything beyond a header to tie the fate of kid. Fabbro and Menseguez also entered, but so little game volume, little idea what to do, more than anything else individual arrests. And all powered by defensive errors, and the second goal Luque, almost invited him to enter the area and define.

What moment from Ramon, who envisioned a very different River than last semester and flattered by the summer, the commitment they had shown the players. But when there is no football, attitude does not save you, and less when they lose the assurance an confidence. What moment of Columbus, who was on the floor and look at the table now up there. The Millo is five points, but much further in the conceptual. And now San Lorenzo comes, nothing less.

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Real Madrid sleep like pointer

Real Madrid is first League

Real Madrid managed to keep the tip after a bad weekend for Atletico and Barcelona. After winning 3-0 at Elche, with Gareth Bale goal included, merengue and sleep soundly pointer thus closing a great day.

Barcelona lost 3-1 at Real Sociedad  while Atletico Osasuna 3-0 in Pamplona.

While Ancelotti's team prepares tpo play hard for  German Schalke UEFA Champions League.

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lunes, 17 de febrero de 2014

Public investment stimulates and grows 32% in February

Public investment is energized in the country and grew 32 percent to 13 February, higher than the 5th of the month (26 percent) share, said the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF).

By 13 February of this year, total government implementation amounted to 1.433 million soles, which represented an increase of 32 percent over the same period of 2013 (1,088,700).

The Federal Government public investment amounted to 502 million soles to 13 February this year, while local governments stood at 524 million.

Les continued public investment by regional governments with a public investment of 407 million in the period under review, according to ministry statistics.

The MEF noted that, in this way, an advance of five percent in the execution of projects this year was verified.

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Severe drought in Brazil

At least 142 municipalities in 11 states in Brazil with a total of over 6 million people suffer water shortages due to the worst drought in years. In São Paulo even heavy rains have been able to alter the situation.

The severe drought in Brazil led the aquifers in nearly half the states lack of water, making the water companies cut the liquid element, according to information from the local environment Folha de S. Paulo. Some locations receive water only for a few hours once every three days.

In about 47 municipalities the situation is even worse because the people have no water supply. The situation remains very serious in the metropolitan region of São Paulo, despite the heavy rains that caused even a flood. The amount of stored water is less than 20%, ie, the situation is considered extreme.

The main causes are heat and lack of rain: in 2013 the least amount of rainfall was recorded since 1930, when the measurement began, according to data from the utility Sabesp water. The lack of rainfall in 2014 and has also broken the record of 84.

Side effects of drought is the risk of spread of diseases like dengue, because people begin to store water in containers that can be played several insect carriers of this infection.

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I spoke of Breaking Bad, I will speak of Avenida Brasil

Avenida Brasil and evil pattern, two strips imported Argentine caught viewers.

Perhaps for lack of ideas, by the flight of viewers to cable or internet or simple pleasure, these days, two fictions imported succeed in our screen. Avenida Brasil and Pablo Escobar, the master of evil, make a point for those who like stories. This paper details some foreign novels that captivate us ever more.

With 179 episodes in its original version and 160 for international, Avenida Brasil is the great success of this Telefe in 2014, even the most optimistic of channel managers imagined such a positive result. I produced by the Brazilian giant Rede Globo had a cost of just over $ 90 million but generated profits of more than two billion dollars, thus becoming the most profitable history novel by Forbes magazine.

Avenida Brasil, in numbers 179 episodes Produce cost $ 90 million It generated profits of $ 2 billion 124 countries bought the telenovela

Avenida Brasil was sold to 124 countries (United States, France, Russia and Mexico, among others) and dubbed into 18 languages. Achieved many awards in his country and competed in several international prestigious as the Emmy. As in Argentina achieved remarkable numbers Sites audience reach record levels. In Brazil, his homeland, he managed 52 points in the final episode rating.

Pablo Escobar, the master of evil, in numbers Shot in over 500 locations 113 episodes 1300 players $ 164,000, the cost of production of each chapter

The other phenomenon is fiction based on the life of Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria. Produced by Caracol between 2009 and 2012 has done a shoot almost entirely outdoors in over 500 locations in Colombia and the United States. The original version is 113 episodes and 74 international. In our country sees the light by Channel 9 and also had a big international breakthrough, reaching the United States, Spain, France and elsewhere.

A phenomenon that does not occur as often is taking place. We are always looking to feel identified with the characters of fiction and for that we need local frames, this time it happened to the background and value more than the story catches us ..

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sábado, 8 de febrero de 2014

He died the player Maicon in a traffic accident

Maicon Pereira de Oliveira, Brazilian striker Shakhtar Donetsk, died Saturday in a car accident in Donetsk. The Ukrainian club confirmed the news.

Shakhtar expressed his condolences to the family of the player, who was 25. "He was a talented footballer, open and friendly. Terrible and it's a tough loss for us all. Maicon was only 25," reads the statement from Shakhtar.

Maicon, who was born in Rio de Janeiro, signed by the Ukrainian champions in 2012, but only wore the shirt of the miners, and that was loaned to Zarya and Ilichevets where currently playing.

The late footballer landed in Ukraine in 2009, when he joined the modest Volyn Lutsk in the second division, which helped up by scoring 13 goals in just 18 games. To the maximum Ukrainian division scored 37 goals in 65 games, performance earned him two seasons ago the attention of the best club in the country.

With T Ilichevets had scored three goals this season in 13 games played before the traditional winter break.

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The club needs goals from Messi against Sevilla

Barcelona Lionel Messi needs to rediscover his scoring touch against Sevilla on Sunday as coach Gerardo Martino admits his failure to take advantage of their opportunities recently has cost them the leadership position in the Spanish football league.

The Catalan side have won just one of their last four games in the league, while Atletico Madrid has placed three points ahead with 57 and Real Madrid is now below them with just one goal difference.

The last weekend, the club lost 3-2 at home against Valencia Messi scoring with a penalty, his only goal in four league games he has played since returning after a tendon injury which kept him almost retired two months.

A mid-week they beat Real Sociedad 2-0 at home in the first leg of the semifinals of the Copa del Rey with Messi, who has broken several records in recent seasons with feasts of goals, again without scoring.

"In the games against Real Madrid and Valencia, the team had opportunities to expand the score and it's true that there are problems to score goals," Martino said.

"I do not speak it that difficult to create chances, but we did not take advantage of gaps," Martino said in a press conference on Saturday.

"I passed against Levante, Valencia and Madrid. Created six or seven times, but did not take them," he said.

Martino refused to point the finger to Messi.

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