sábado, 8 de febrero de 2014

Chaco: Cinema and Tereré in MapicNeighborhood

On Wednesday, January 15, La Campora in Chaco organized a series of activities in the Neighborhood Community Center Mapic.
Also meet the demand of the neighbors, he helped solve everyday situations of children in the area.
The activity was carried out by nucleated militants in the cultural space of La Campora, who along with the table of Integra and colleagues cursos gratuitos  willing to deepen the model of national and popular government, offered an afternoon of children's films, cookies and tereré to children Qom community in the area.
The activity was held with the presence of more than 30 children, who are encouraged in principle, through games, to keep alive their native language, cursos gratis as many are missing this feature for identity discrimination in their everyday environments.
After these games and talks shared a lively theater space in the dining room between tererés and cookies.
The table queries Integra attended a family with twin girls, who suffer motor disabilities need to manage several procedures in relevant institutions, and of the distance cursos online and the economic situation of the parents had not done.
Thus, militating with the needy and giving concrete answers, fellow ended the day, late at night, with enthusiasm and commitment, in the face of difficulties encountered

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