domingo, 23 de febrero de 2014

A River is just the fleeting joy and lost again

River played poorly in Santa Fe, he gave much back and dreamed of tying the discount Cavenaghi. Teo came in the ST, in the end the team was very open and Graziani settled the match. Columbus won 3-1 and leads.

This is River. Is this River? Defenses low, very low, with a defense of three guys that did not help system armed in general. Right, because when no team everything becomes more difficult, and more for the younger they have to adapt to First. But Ramon decided to youth despite the line of three defenders and no return, from beginning to end, from the first goal scorer at the end of Graziani, who pushed the ball into the goalmouth, and matches papi with the team nearly defeated. And that victory and tournament debut was far behind, far away, like the super classics in which he played with a knife between his teeth. One more defeat on Wednesday Godoy Cruz and now Columbus.

Argentina's crazy, of course football. While flattered River at startup, Columbus suffered despite the new DT and today everything is upside down, because the Sabalero climbed to the tip with San Lorenzo and Students. Ramon is the worst for not finding the line of play, the team still does not appear that the two losses were not the result of chance. At halftime groped, strong, pulling Matt Gutierrez and Gio putting, but anything beyond a header to tie the fate of kid. Fabbro and Menseguez also entered, but so little game volume, little idea what to do, more than anything else individual arrests. And all powered by defensive errors, and the second goal Luque, almost invited him to enter the area and define.

What moment from Ramon, who envisioned a very different River than last semester and flattered by the summer, the commitment they had shown the players. But when there is no football, attitude does not save you, and less when they lose the assurance an confidence. What moment of Columbus, who was on the floor and look at the table now up there. The Millo is five points, but much further in the conceptual. And now San Lorenzo comes, nothing less.

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