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Correa was unhappy with the response of the artist Bon

Ecuador requires correct jokes: Correa was dissatisfied with the response cartoonist Bonil

The irony of the comedian hired by the newspaper El Universo disliked the president, who expressed their anger via Twitter: "If anyone can say it was humorous, we apologize to whomever." The world press repudiated the sanction

Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa spoke annoyed with rectification cartoonist Xavier Bonilla, culminating in the Global Gag Rule by a cartoon published on December 28 police raid on the home of journalist and legislative counsel Fernando Villavicencio.

A week ago, the Superintendency of Communication ordered rectification of Bonil and a fine of 2% of revenues for the last three months of the newspaper El Universo, means that publishes the work of the artist, and last Wednesday was met with Government Resolution .

However, the irony that showed New Cartoon Bonil not leave quiet the president and showed his anger through his Twitter account.

"A disgrace it is still the case with cartoons.'s Good that the Communications Act already prevents judging the headlines (or cartoons) Press. Imagine if this happens to any of

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