lunes, 17 de febrero de 2014

I spoke of Breaking Bad, I will speak of Avenida Brasil

Avenida Brasil and evil pattern, two strips imported Argentine caught viewers.

Perhaps for lack of ideas, by the flight of viewers to cable or internet or simple pleasure, these days, two fictions imported succeed in our screen. Avenida Brasil and Pablo Escobar, the master of evil, make a point for those who like stories. This paper details some foreign novels that captivate us ever more.

With 179 episodes in its original version and 160 for international, Avenida Brasil is the great success of this Telefe in 2014, even the most optimistic of channel managers imagined such a positive result. I produced by the Brazilian giant Rede Globo had a cost of just over $ 90 million but generated profits of more than two billion dollars, thus becoming the most profitable history novel by Forbes magazine.

Avenida Brasil, in numbers 179 episodes Produce cost $ 90 million It generated profits of $ 2 billion 124 countries bought the telenovela

Avenida Brasil was sold to 124 countries (United States, France, Russia and Mexico, among others) and dubbed into 18 languages. Achieved many awards in his country and competed in several international prestigious as the Emmy. As in Argentina achieved remarkable numbers Sites audience reach record levels. In Brazil, his homeland, he managed 52 points in the final episode rating.

Pablo Escobar, the master of evil, in numbers Shot in over 500 locations 113 episodes 1300 players $ 164,000, the cost of production of each chapter

The other phenomenon is fiction based on the life of Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria. Produced by Caracol between 2009 and 2012 has done a shoot almost entirely outdoors in over 500 locations in Colombia and the United States. The original version is 113 episodes and 74 international. In our country sees the light by Channel 9 and also had a big international breakthrough, reaching the United States, Spain, France and elsewhere.

A phenomenon that does not occur as often is taking place. We are always looking to feel identified with the characters of fiction and for that we need local frames, this time it happened to the background and value more than the story catches us ..

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